DuniaForé designs and implements a number of different types of programming including:

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture have a special place in the heart of DuniaForé.  As such, to the degree we are needed, we are dedicated to studying, documenting, preserving, promoting, presenting, supporting and educating the world about the histories, philosophies, folkways, arts, material and non material traditions, of the cultures and peoples in the places where we work. We highlight their value and support their ongoing survival through engaging in exchange and sharing with communities and individuals worldwide, and increase their viability by creating and maintaining necessary support networks, resources and infrastructure.


From literacy, to technical skills training, to artisanry, DuniaForé partners with individuals and institutions to create educational contexts that provide valuable learning experiences for all involved . DuniaForé has access to numerous volunteers whose primary task is to share their expertise with groups of people who will benefit from it. We create a short term classes, courses and workshops wherein people can acquire information and learn skills that can help them in everyday life applications or assist them in the pursuit of their long term educational or career goals.


With the many social issues facing so many of our communities today, there is no shortage of social programming to be designed and provided to those in need. DuniaForé is committed to positioning itself to be able to help provide programming that addresses social issues in the communities within which it works


A clean and healthy environments is the foundations on which healthy societies are built, without them we suffer, as will subsequent generations. DuniaForé has a special interest in cooperating with individuals and communities in creating programming that educates people about preserving the environment, teaching them ways to do so, and helping implement practices that will ensure communities adopt sustainable practices that guarantee healthy spaces in which people and communities can thrive well into the future.


We at DuniaForé know that adequate infrastructure creates the physical contexts within which people can be about the work of building flourishing communities and institutions. To that end we cooperate with individuals and other institutions to help create the physical necessities that will allow people to do the things they need to do to live quality lives.

All our work takes place with DuniaForé members, so please join us by filling out our membership form and noting therein all the capacities in which you would like to work with us…we would love to work with you!

Your donations make our vision a reality

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